This web site has a few random articles and notes on it which I hope will be of interest to you. Leave me some random abuse at my guestbook if you're bored or just need to vent.

This web site is best viewed at 1152×768 resolution on an outdated broken old laptop and unsupported OS. This web site was not authored using HoTMetaL, GoLive, Dreamweaver, or any other good-for-its-time-but-that-was-a-long-time-ago WYSIWYG software. This web site is not powered by ₿itcoin bros, a$$holes or over-enthusiastic gaijins. I do not like Google or Chrome, so there. Please consider using DuckDuckGo for your searches. 8-bit era image conversion courtesy of Dithertron. Thank you to Neocities for the free hosting. Thank you to Online Radio Box and J1 Radio for the Japanese internet radio feeds. I am not LGBTQI+, GOP, MAGA, transphobe, woke, snowflake, libtard or have any kind of weird obsession with My Little Pony, but I do hope that unicorns exist somewhere in the galaxy. #unicornsdontgoogle #standwithukraine #savethemanatee #teletextforever #bringingblinkbacklikeits1997

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